Searching the Simpson Fonts!

As many people (or few) knows, one of my passions is to admire the typography fonts, I not only like it, I love it, of course… Even I would say as say Donald E. Knuth:

I can’t go to a restaurant and order food because I keep looking at the fonts on the menu

Moreover, I like to create good and funny slides for my workshops (really I’m not so good, yet). Now I’m preparing a presentation for the ENLi, then it ocurred to me a design about “The Simpsons” cartoon. That idea born when I saw an image about the classical TV Simpsons, which appear at the beginning of each chapter:

Initial Background
Initial Background

But to complete this design I needed the typography of “The Simpsons”, some time ago I had installed a font named “Akbar” which is a font that mimics Matt Groening’s handwriting . However, I didn’t have this font in my system. Then I started looking for that font, I thought that would be easy to find the “Akbar” typography, but…

I have to say that another obsession I own is write correctly in my language (Spanish), I always take care about my own ortography, specially in accented words (in English language there isn’t such thing) and the correct combination between uppercase and lowercase letters.

I found quickly a link for download that font. Although the first result was: this version haven’t the lowercase:


I tried again:

Accent Fail with Lowercase
Accent fail with lowercase

Very nearly! but when I write the accent, this only appear with uppercase letters…

Finally I found what I wanted:

At last

The perfect combination… If you want download this font you can do it here. Really that fonts are for iPhone, the name isn’t Akbar, but is the same design…

In Xubuntu (and similars) you can simply use the Font Viewer for install the font:

Font Viewer
Font Viewer

The font is installed in /home/user/.fonts/. When you want use the font. Only choose .Lock Clock, the name isn’t “Akbar” but produce the same result:

Lock Clock
Lock Clock

If you want delete this font before, you can run the comand: rm ~/.fonts/LockClock.ttf

But finally I decided not write my presentation in Spanish but in English, hahaha… Very soon I show you the end-product. daveMOZEALOUS I thank his for letting me use his image.

P.S.: Certainly, this was my first post in English 🙂


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