Geany Forever!

Is a common activity for geek students like me to have a blog, almost always with similar topics; well, today I decide write a classical topic for geek blogger students: my favorite editor programming; even although I use VIM in certain times, or Netbeans in another chances and I’d like to learn Emacs very soon: my favorite editor is Geany, and in the next lines I explain why:

  1. It has support for many programming languages
  2. Is really fast
  3. Is extensible
  4. Elegant and minimalist: In my point of view, Geany is a hybrid between simple editor and a IDE

Geany Tunning

Changing typographies

In few lines I’ll explain how I configured the Geany appareance, the first step is change the fonts, I am a tipography-friki-lover, when I am writting code I like specially fonts for programmers, actually I am using Envy Code R, if you try this, you can download here.

Configuring the fonts in Geany is easy: View –> Change Font.

Do you like it?

Envy Code R
Envy Code R

Changing Execution Mode

The only thing what I dislike in Geany editor is its default execution mode (xterm):


I’d prefer an execution as in Netbeans, or Dr. Python, or SciTE. You can change this option: Edit –> Preferences (Ctrl + Alt + P), then will appear a window, you must choose the tab Terminal and activate the options: Execute programas in VTE and Don't use run script.


Now you’ll have a nice execution in the screen’s bottom:

Geany Terminal
Geany Terminal

And, what is your favorite editor: Emacs, VIM, Nano, Kate…?


2 comentarios sobre “Geany Forever!

    1. Así es. Lo que realmente me fascina este editor es que en mi periodo de incertidumbre, en mi época como C programmer, cuando el mundo era oscuro y tenía que usar Turbo C++, apareció Geany con toda su elegancia.

      De hecho tengo algo escrito sobre eso

      Para mi que aún estoy aprendiendo las bases, es más que perfecto.


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