How handle FITS format with PyFITS in Python

FITS is most popular image file format for astronomical images. In Python there is a library named PyFITS that handles this format.


FITS means Flexible Image Transport System. We can install PyFITS with the next command: sudo pip install pyfits or download the source code and execute this command: sudo install. Before studying PyFITS we’ll take a look to FITS.

First and foremost, we need to say: FITS isn’t only an image file format, but is the standard archival data format for astronomical data sets.

A FITS file is composed by the following FITS structures:

  • Primary Header Data and Unit. HDU is a data structure consisting of a header and the data the header describes.
  • Conforming extensions (optional)
  • Other special records(optional and restricted)

Primary header: The first component of a FITS file shall be the primary HDU which always contains the primary header and maybe be followed by the primary data array.

The header of a primary HDU consists of one or more header blocks, each containing a series of 80-character keyword records.

Each 80-character header keyword record consists of:

  • a keyword name
  • a value indicator (only required if a value is present)
  • an optional value and
  • an optional comment

The last header block must contain the END keyword, which marks the logical end of the header.

Primary Data Array: It consist of a single data array with from 1 to 999 dimensions.

Extensions: New extension types should be created only when the organization of the information is such that it cannot be handled by one of the existing extension types. A FITS file that contains extensions is commonly referred to as a multi-extension FITS (MEF) file.

Written above is more or less the definition and structure of a FITS file. Now let’s see anything about PyFITS

import pyfits as pf, sys

hdulist =[1])

for hdu in hdulist:

We open an existing FITS file (2) and save it as an object in hdulist variable. As we read earlier, we can confirm that there is a primary HDU, represented by hdulist[0] and since hdulist[1] we find the extensions HDU.


We can also confirm that each HDU has a header and data attribute:



  • Definition of the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS). FITS Working Group
  • The PyFITS Handbook. Space Telescope Science Institute
    • Anuncios

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